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Softening Hard Water in Macomb Township and Roseville

Millions of people around the world have a water supply filled with minerals like iron, calcium, and magnesium. This type of water is referred to as hard. Though these naturally-occurring elements pose no danger to your health, they aren’t desirable. An excess of metals and minerals can not only cause rusting and staining where the water comes in contact, but also unpleasant skin, taste, and flavor issues.

Luckily, if you call Fraser home, there’s no reason to suffer through these hard water hassles. Detroit Furnace is here to help with water softener service and installation. These devices—usually salt-based—use chemical principles to remove the excess minerals from your water. This leads to numerous household improvements and overall better living. To get a complimentary quote on a water softener in Macomb Township, reach out to us at 586.944.9400 or fill out our online form.

Start off your water treatment journey by installing a new water softener in Clinton Township or Macomb Township.

The Signs of a Home with Hard Water

Though commonly associated with wells, hard water can also be found in municipal water systems. That’s why it’s important to regularly examine your home’s plumbing systems for issues. Signs of a home in Macomb Township that could benefit from water softener installation include:

  • Mineral-like crust buildup around your faucets or on your shower head
  • Soap scum buildup on sinks or shower walls
  • Stiff clothing that doesn’t soften in the laundry
  • Metallic taste in drinking water
  • Rust rings around your drains and fixtures
  • Spotting on plates and glassware
  • Dull or coarse hair after showering
  • Irritated, itchy skin

Unfortunately, many of these issues aren’t limited to hard water. They can also be a sign of heavy metal build-up or excess chlorine. To properly diagnose the problem, you’ll need to schedule an appointment for water testing in Roseville or Macomb Township.

The Benefits of Installing a Water Softener in Macomb Township

The best way to combat hard water symptoms is to invest in a quality water softener. These systems use ion exchange principles to remove unwanted minerals from your water. Though not cheap, the advantages of softened water are numerous and include:

  • Dishware that comes out spotless
  • Less soap scum buildup
  • Laundry that is softer and more vibrant
  • Increased home value
  • Tax and efficiency savings
  • Lengthened lifespan of washers, coffee makers, and dishwashers
  • Improves the durability of your boiler or water heater
  • Softer skin and healthier scalps

Our water softener experts can install all types and models of water softeners. This includes low-water-use systems and saltless models. After examining your home, our plumbing service expert will recommend a unit that’s best for you and your family.

How Water Softeners Work

Though large appliances, water softener operation is a relatively simple process. Hard water passes through the tank, which is typically filled with salt or resin beads. The calcium and magnesium in the water is attracted to the filtration medium. This chemical reaction releases sodium ions back into the water. Once the system is saturated with magnesium and calcium, a 3-phase cycle starts:

  1. Water flow reverses to flush any dirt or buildup out of the tank.
  2. The sodium-rich salt water flows through the brine tank and back to the mineral tank. The salt collects on the filtration medium, replacing the magnesium and calcium.
  3. The brine is flushed into the mineral tank, removing excess salt and contaminants.

After the third step ends, the brine tank is refilled, and the cycle repeats.

We Provide Expert Water Softener Repair

There are times when your water softener can’t keep up. Maybe it refuses to cycle according to its timer or the tank starts to leak. No matter the issue, our water treatment experts are here and happy to help. Just reach out to us at (586) 944-9400 to schedule an appointment for water softener repair in Macomb Township. Upon arrival, we’ll inspect your unit for signs of damage or wear. After a brief examination, we’ll provide you a comprehensive water softener repair quote.

Below are the most common signs of a water softener in distress:

  • Hissing or air discharge after each cycle
  • Skipped or halted regeneration cycles
  • A unit that refuses to turn off
  • Signs of hard water return
  • Sudden increase in salt or filter uses
  • A lack or decrease in water pressure

From installing water entry valves to replacing worn float valves, our plumbers know how to tackle the above problems. Because the symptoms vary widely and water damage is possible, we suggest you leave the repair of a broken water softener to a local, processional plumber. This will save you headache and heartache in the long run.

Count on Us for Water Softener Maintenance in Macomb Township

Just like any other appliance, your water heater needs to be properly maintained. As a homeowner, you need to regularly restock its brine tank with clean rock salt. You should also schedule a cleaning appointment with our plumbers at least annually. This will allow us to remove buildup and check valves and water lines for issues. Through these regular visits, you’ll gain peace of mind knowing there’s no major softener issues lurking out of sight.

Trust Detroit Furnace to Service and Install Your Water Softener in Macomb Township

For cleaner, healthier water in Macomb Township, trust our water treatment experts. Our plumbers have been serving local communities for over 11 years, and we have the happy customers to prove it. Upon arrival, we will carefully inspect your home’s plumbing system for signs of hard water damage. We’ll also diagnose any potential issues with your existing or outdated water softener. All quotes are provided in writing—meaning you’ll never get stuck with sticker shock. We can fix and installall water softening brands including FutureSoft, SoftPro, Rheem, GE, Fleck, and WaterBoss.

To schedule an appointment for water softener service in Macomb Township, we invite you to give 586.944.9400 a call. We hope our customer-first mentality will make us your go-to water treatment company in Macomb Township.


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